08 december 2017 Ireland: Human rights organizations under threat from draconian law as Amnesty could face criminal charges
30 oktober 2017 Inhumane behandeling op Nederlandse terrorismeafdelingen
25 september 2017 EU: Countries have fulfilled less than a third of their asylum relocation promises
25 september 2017 Killing of Tripura journalist another blow to freedom of speech
25 september 2017 UK: Amnesty exposes illicit US$46m South Sudan arms deal brokered under government’s nose
23 september 2017 Greece: Court decisions pave way for first forcible returns of asylum-seekers under EU-Turkey deal
22 september 2017 Myanmar: Video and satellite evidence show new fires still torching Rohingya villages
21 september 2017 Yemen: US-made bomb kills and maims children in deadly strike on residential homes
21 september 2017 Cameroon: Three human rights organizations demand release of students sentenced to 10 years over Boko Haram joke
21 september 2017 Amnesty International urges Morocco to ensure full respect of freedom of expression, association and assembly