25 mei 2017 Belgium: A significant step on road to recognising transgender rights
25 mei 2017 Egypt: Former presidential candidate Khaled Ali facing trial amid crackdown on political activists
25 mei 2017 Mexico: Fresh evidence of execution by military highlights flawed security strategy
24 mei 2017 South Africa: Promote social cohesion to end xenophobic attacks against African refugees and migrants
24 mei 2017 Palestine: Hamas must urgently halt executions of three men sentenced after unfair trial
24 mei 2017 Ethiopia: Journalist’s guilty verdict a further slap in the face for justice
24 mei 2017 Cameroon. Authorities shut down an Amnesty International press conference
24 mei 2017 Taiwan moves closer to marriage equality after milestone court ruling
24 mei 2017 Israel: Release Palestinian prisoner of conscience detained without charge or trial
24 mei 2017 Iraq: US military admits failures to monitor over $1 billion worth of arms transfers